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The national highway traffic safety administration puts out studies. Some of their studies are based on statistics given to them by each state. Impaired driving studies are popular statistics used in newspapers and courtrooms. Buts what they do not tell you is how incomplete the studies really are. Not all of the states report much of their statistics and what they do report is incomplete. Some states are more incomplete than others. NHTSA compensates for the missing data by using multiple imputation to make up data to add in their numbers. This means where a blood alcohol test may not have been needed at the time of the fatality the person is now presumed intoxicated. The study uses .08 as the level of impairment. This presumes intoxication when the person is not intoxicated. How this can be accepted is somewhat unbelievable. These statistics are used to place fear into the public and into the jurors. This requires a person accused of a crime to seek a quality Austin defense lawyer in order to battle the false information out there. The NHTSA admits that information is being invented. Fear causes people to make poor decisions. Fear helps control the masses. Take a look at the media. It has used fear for years to cause people to think irrationally over and over. Do not let fear perpetuate ignorance.